Hair Color Concepts Magazine was created out of the need to be able to showcase colorist that normally would not have been seen. There are so many amazing publications that offer a platform for stylist to show off their styling skills, but none that focused on color alone! 

We worked to create something that gave not only the professional step by step education, but also shows the consumer (their clients) the ins and outs along with the truths and myths, of all things hair color! 

There is nothing better than knowing you can pick up a magazine and see the faces of everyday women. Many publications are filled with what the celebrity is doing with their hair, which is amazing, but sometimes we want to see US! The everyday working woman who is just as fly as Beyoncé! HCC Magazine will give you just that! 


HCC Magazine is an educational experience. We made sure that along with the interviews, advertisements, and spotlights, we gave beauty professionals and consumers real life step by step "how to's" when it came to color formulation, application, and at home maintenance. This is the place to get a quick "aha moment" when it comes to understanding hair color. You never know, you may find some "what NOT to do" stories in the magazine as well! Cause we all have seen those at home color jobs that didn't go so well! 


Adrienne is a professional colorist based in Memphis, TN, that brings an air of elegance, sass and individuality to each of her clients. Her skill has made her one of the most sought after colorist for stunning transformations.

She began her beauty career in 2005 taking advantage of opportunities to travel, educate, and work with some of THE BEST in the business and has not looked back!

To date, Adrienne has created & produced  many events, symposiums, workshops, written E- Books as well as  Journals to ensure that every beauty student and professional has what it takes to move their businesses BEYOND THE CHAIR!


With HCC Magazine making its Spring 2020 debut, I am so proud of how much has unfolded so fast! If I can be real, this was a project that was not in my plans to create AT ALL!  For 3 Sundays in a row, my pastor would preach about God's generosity and how sometimes we would abuse the gifts he was so generous to have blessed us with. Each of those Sundays, my pastor called me out, LITERALLY called my name in her sermon saying that there was a hair color "book" that I needed to be writing, and how it was needed. After being called out that 3rd time, I threw in the towel ( you know the one that you hold on to until you finally say " OK I'LL DO IT!"???... that towel! ) and I finally sat down to create this "book".


I honestly intended for this to be an expansion of my previous e-book. A vol 2 if you will, lol. But, as I began to create it, I came to a road block on how I would format it. I needed it to be different.... and with that thought, I knew that it couldn't be ALL me! I knew I needed collaborators, I knew it needed to stay fresh, and I knew I had to be able to open it up to those bomb underdogs! What better way to create something that would stay fresh and new, then with a magazine?! 

Hair Color Concepts Magazine was created for YOU, the colorist that's new to game, the colorist that has the foundation but would love new techniques, the colorist who has it DOWN PACT, but could use a pick me up every .now and then! This is for YOU! This is also for the consumer. You know, the one that swears she's THAT at- home kitchen-tician (ya'll know that one! lol) But we want to be able to show them the importance of needing to see a professional while giving them tips and tricks to properly maintain their color investment at home. 

HCC Magazine has plans to expand it's platform tremendously and I can not wait to show you how we plan to do that. But we need you to ensure our success! Even if you are not able to invest in your own business through a submission or advertisement, we would love for you to simply SHARE our social media page, ( @HCCMagazine ), like the post of the colorist we promote, and just shout us out as the newby in town! And although we are new, we are genuinely excited about what's to come with us and everyone that will soon be attached to Hair Color Concepts Magazine!!! 

With all my love,