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If you are looking for a new avenue to advertise your business, HCC Magazine is for you! Our publication is not only designed for hair colorist, but their clients as well! So that means your business will be seen well beyond our beauty industry gurus! 

Who can advertise with us?

  • Independent stylist

    • Promoting your color services ONLY 

  • Salon owners

    • Promote your salon as a whole to our consumers OR announce space available 

  • Beauty product companies 

    • Hair oils​

    • Hair care lines (shampoo, conditioner, leave in, etc.)

    • Hair color lines

    • Hair accessories ( head scarf and hair bonnet lines)

  • Educators

    • Promoting color classes

    • Color education products for sale.

Are NON beauty companies able to advertise?

  • YES! Colorists need things everyday for their business! If you can provide a service in any form to a beauty professional, we welcome you! 

    • Law firms​

    • Bankers

    • Phone providers

    • Interior designers (salon decor) 

    • Graphic designers (website, logo, flyers, etc.)

    • Business Coaches


If what you do is NOT listed and you would like to advertise, please contact us at to tell us about your business and let's see if you are a good fit for our audience! 




Website advertisement can be placed in different areas of the site and remain active for 45 or 90 days at a time. Each website ad also includes a hyperlink to your businesses website. Pricing is based on desired feature page as well as length of time ad is active. 



Our magazine publication comes in print and digital form with half and full page placements. This means by placing your ad in our print publication, your new audience will also see it digitally on their phones, tablets or laptops! The best part is, all of our digital publications will include clickable links to your businesses websites as well! 

Choose  the back cover full page ad, and receive a banner ad on both our informational & e-commerce websites.

Ad Bundle



Want your business seen across all of HCCM's avenues? This option is perfect for you! 

  • Social Media- 2 post

  • Website- 90 day placement

  • Magazine- Full Page ad